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One of the most popular destinations on the Costa dei Trabocchi, the “Punta Aderci Nature Reserve”.

The reserve offers one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Abruzzo and Italy (at the top of the Vanityfair ranking of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches), a wild and unspoiled nature rich in flora and fauna. The coast is a mixture of sand, cliffs, dunes and rock combined with blue waters and clear and transparent seabeds where it is not uncommon to meet dolphins and sea turtles. Access to the reserve and use of the beaches is completely free.

Traveling along the coast of the reserve from south to north, you will find Punta Penna beach (just after the port of Vasto), Libertini beach, Punta Aderci beach and the long beach of Mottagrossa.

The promontory of Punta Aderci offers a unique panorama between the beach and the sea with the backdrop of the Abruzzo mountains of Majella and Gran Sasso. The colors of the area are exceptional, the green of the meadows, the blue of the sea, the yellow of the vegetation, colors that change shades and atmosphere with the light of the sunset.

Spiaggia di Libertini

Libertini beach is located between the Aderci promontory and the Punta Penna beach from which it is accessed. The beach is also connected to the promontory by a small path of steps.

Spiaggia di Mottagrossa

In the northern part of the reserve, immediately after the small beach of the Aderci promontory, there is the Mottagrossa beach, the longest in the reserve, made up of pebbles and is wild and unspoiled. Parallel to the beach there is a panoramic path about 20 meters high that crosses the vegetation of the reserve and offers a splendid view of the coast.

Stretch of coast of about 40 km between Ortona and Vasto, known as “La Costa dei Trabocchi”. In this short stretch of coastline, dotted with strange wooden stilts, an enormous wealth is concentrated, mostly the privilege of a sophisticated and aware public, and of a local community still dedicated to the activities of the past, such as fishing and fishing. agriculture, which is now joined by gastronomy and the science of good wine.

In fact, this is a land of vineyards and olive groves, of traditions that are handed down from generation to generation, and of fishermen-farmers who with their ingenuity have been able to shape an otherwise hostile territory.


The Trèmiti islands are an archipelago of the Adriatic Sea, 22 km north of the Gargano promontory and 45 km east of Termoli (Molise coast).

Administratively, the archipelago constitutes the scattered municipality of the Tremiti Islands of 483 inhabitants in the province of Foggia in Puglia. The capital is San Nicola, on the island of the same name. The town is part of the Gargano National Park. Since 1989 a portion of its territory constitutes the Tremiti Islands Marine Nature Reserve.

The Molise coast is an unexpected source of surprises: this is where Termoli is located, a town of over 30,000 inhabitants in the province of Campobasso, which has received the Blue Flag award several times. It is characterized by the presence of a promontory on which it stands. the ancient fishing village, bordered by a wall that falls sheer to the sea.

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